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Here I share the Symbolism or Back Story behind some of my Art because I DO believe that everything has a meaning. Each little piece of symbolism and how it comes to us is yet another part of our growth 

Goddess Wands are a spiritual tool that can be used in a number of ways during prayer, meditation, and ceremony. Each one is an "OOAK" (an Original One of a Kind) piece. They can be used as a focal point in visual meditation. They can be placed with intention on a prayer altar, allowing their symbolism to be a part of the theme. Women have collected them for Sister Gatherings, and used them like a talking stick. Some of my Goddess Wands have had small bells attached and can be used as a…

One of my most recent Spirit Dolls was "The Guardian of the Flower of Life".

She wears its symbol within her necklace.  It is considered to be the basic template for EVERYTHING...existence as we know it. All of the geometric forms including Sacred Geometry are found within it. It represents Creation and our Connectedness. 

Folk Art Woman Painting"Pulling Back the Veil" - a look inside my Original Contemporary Folk Mixed Media Painting by Jeanne Fry. 

 The painting began with a piece of muslin and a quote stamp while spending time with my mother in her craft studio. I had come across one of her stamps that read "Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking together in the…

I keep a notebook that is filled with all of the random inspirations that run through my mind. There are days when my Inner Muse is firing ideas and thoughts at me so fast that the only way to keep track of them is to put them in my notebook. (In actuality, it is a "sketchbook", but it is filled with just as many words as there are sketches. Since each of my creations is a journey of learning, growing, and transforming for

Here we are, the beginning of Labor Day Weekend, and the weather feels like Autumn ! Autumn is my most favorite time of the year. It's cool outside, the wind is blowing, and while I have all the windows open it makes my spirit want to start "nesting". Sometimes no matter what is going on, this feeling makes my heart sing and me a Happy Girl.             

I'm currently working on a few different bodies of work - Warrior Women Watercolor Paintings, Wisdom Keeper Art Dolls, and Glimpses of the Fae. "Glimpses of the Fae" is my newest series, focusing on woodland folk that you might find nestled into the forest and if you don't pay attention you could miss them. Many of them can be found in nests, and often are drinking coffee or tea. 

Keep your eye out for more on their way :)