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I take great care in the artwork I create and the services I provide. The inspiration behind both comes from the deepest part of me. Hear what people are saying:

"She is absolutely gorgeous. I can feel her empowerment when I hold her ! What a fantastic piece of art! (Art Doll)  I.B.

 "This is a great wall ornament. She is spiritual, clever and sustaining. Jeanne Fry is a spectacular and highly sensitive artist. She shares her passion and compassion for life and others through her art. Stop and shop to feed your soul."  (Art Doll)   P. Anderson

"This doll represents so many memories for me. She is beautifully made with love and passion for the miracle of life. All items I bought were wrapped for a safe journey to me. "  (Art Doll)  P. Anderson

"Gaia is a favorite of mine. This watercolor has great color, intensity and mystery. I can not wait to have her professionally framed. Artist is a special person."  (Painting)  P. Anderson

"It's beautiful. Thank you! Fast shipping, well protected."  (Jewelry)  D. McGee

"Awesome! Love this piece. Thanks for sharing your talent."  (Gourd Bowl)  J. Lund

"I get so many compliments on these beautiful earrings of Faith, Hope and Charity" (Earrings)  J. Myers

"Just what I needed. your creations help me "remember " who I am ! your designs have such a lovely flow and beautiful energy... would order again for sure" (Ornament) Joanie

"Absolutely adorable. Very creative, detailed. Fast shipping. Love it, thank you"  (Shrine)  N. Blake

"I just had my Earth Angel realm reading done by Jeanne and it is so on target it is as if my higher self wrote it. I liked hearing that my humor and my teaching were integral parts of my being, and while vulnerable, I have all I need to stay focused, self-protected as I am creating new pathways for my talents. The reading mirrored almost every aspect I know to be true for me and affirmed that I am on the right road to manifesting more of the life I love.  (Earth Angel Reading)  M. Hughes

"I received a beautiful Angel Reading from Jeanne Fry. Not only was my painting beautiful, the reading was spot on! She does amazing work....and I can't wait to get it professionally framed and hang it on my wall.Thank you again Jeanne! You are a wonderful, talented, special person!! "  (Earth Angel Reading)  C. Bowlby