Welcome to Jeanne Fry Art. I am a Contemporary Folk and Visionary Artist from the Blue Ridge Mountains.

"I believe that art can take us to places that allows our souls to heal. I choose not to paint my pain, but to paint the world in which my spirit can heal."

A visionary artist is often a self taught artist who creates by connecting with and expressing through their most intuitive self in order to portray a wider awareness and perception of life itself. This is often done within a spiritual or mystical theme. For me, this way of creating is my passion. I believe that everything has a deeper meaning, a distinct symbolism, and often the smallest things carry the biggest message. I am urged to create every day, expressing my own journey in how I perceive the world and how I walk in it.


My Passion is to Explore the Spirit of Art, and the Art of Spirit. I consider Art to be Healing, and create with Emotional and Spiritual Connection. Each piece carries meaningful symbolism for me. I place a high importance on Creating, as I use it as a healing vehicle for myself, as a Lupus Warrior and Amputee.

I create Art to Celebrate the Feminine, to Inspire and Empower, to honor Nature themes, Animal Totems, and Symbolic pieces that are unique and meaningful. I immerse in various artistic modalities and offer OOAK (Original One of a Kind) Spirit Dolls, Original Paintings, Spiritual Tools, Gourd Art, Wearable Art, Painted Greeting Cards, Bookmarks, and Fiber Art. 

I express through many styles, and some that are the most popular are in my Warrior Women series, Animal Totem Art, Sacred Spaces series, Mandala collections, Fairy collection, and the whimsical Circus Kitty series. 

  • Touch Drawing Facilitator - Expressive Arts - 12 years

  • Member of VSA- International Organization of Artists with Disabilities

  • Member of International Peace Tile Project

  • Teaching Residencies

  • Traditional Usui Reiki Master Teacher - 18 years

  • Earth Angel Portraits and Readings

Here you will find my current Original Artwork.  If you are seeking Prints from my entire Portfolio please visit