The Wisdom of Circus Kitty - New Blog Post

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  Hi there...Welcome to my little corner of the World ! I am in the process of designing my space here on Indiemade, and filling it with lots of Art and lots of Love. How I wish I could snap my fingers....and would be completed and Perfect.....

 Sometimes we put a lot on ourselves don't we? So many lists of so many things that we want and need to do. It can get stressful as we hurriedly make our way through the day...but when we do that, we miss things - those little things. And they are usually the most magical of all.

 I have to remind myself to slow down and be patient...and to  Breathe, oh yes, Breathe. Everything will get done when it is supposed to. Along the way, I just might witness a miracle or Circus Kitty.

Would you like to know a little bit about Circus Kitty? Last Fall, when the holiday season was in full swing and I was creating like mad for some Christmas Markets I was also planning gifts for my family. My mother and I always exchange artful gifts , especially ACEOs or Artist Trading Cards. I wanted to create a set for her and labored over what the theme would be.

What would be the focal of them be? I wanted the main card to reflect the things she make her exude happiness...and to be a comfort on those days when life is overwhelming. You know, a reassurance when she needs to slow down and Breathe.

That is when Circus Kitty was born. She loves Kitties and the Circus and Purple. So, this wonderful Kitty soon had a purple tutu, and purple striped stockings, and oh wait...we must have some purple dragonfly wings. Well, she probably needs to be swinging on the Trapeze, which of course led to the trampoline underneath. The more creative I got, the more I smiled, and the more I relaxed myself. When I slowed down, I ended up finding a sweet little piece of magic in Circus Kitty, and so I finished the painting by adding the words "Your Wings will Carry You".

When all is said and done, it's all about Believing in your Self and Enjoying each moment of the Journey.

With that said, my space here on Indiemade is a journey of sharing my creative Self with you. It will constantly be evolving, so I hope that you will keep coming back to visit for there's lots more to bloom. Have a look around and enjoy.

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