Journey of the Luna Moth - Art with an Impact

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This week I received my copy of Dragonfly Magazine 2015 from "Hope Works", a Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center in Maryland. They create a magazine that is filled with Art and Poetry, reflections on Life, Love, Trauma, and Hope. I had submitted one of my art works for possible inclusion some weeks ago, and was so pleased to find that they had included it in their magazine, as a matter of fact as a full page! 

As artists I think we all hope that our art will leave behind a legacy, that we have made some sort of impact in this big world we live in. These are the things that give me a sense of gratification and validation as an artist. 

I'm extremely honored to be even a small part of the wonderful work they do, and so happy that "Journey of the Luna Moth" has extended her wings in such a meaningful way.

You can read the magazine online as a pdf here