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Jeanne Fry Contemporary Folk Artist and Doll Maker

 Welcome to Jeanne Fry Art. I am a Contemporary Folk and Visionary Artist from the Blue Ridge Mountains. My Passion is to Explore the Spirit of Art, and the Art of Spirit.

I create Art to Inspire and Empower, focusing on Nature themes, Goddess Art, Animal Totems, and Symbolic pieces that are Unique and Meaningful. I immerse in various artistic modalities including Original Paintings in acrylics and watercolors, Gourd Art, Sculpting, Mixed Media, and Assemblage. 

I consider Art to be Healing, and create with Emotional and Spiritual Connection. Each piece carries meaningful symbolism for me. I place a high importance on Creating, as I use it as a healing vehicle for myself, as a Lupus Warrior and Amputee. I believe that art can take us to places that allows our souls to heal. I choose not to paint my pain, but to paint the world in which my spirit can heal.


PatreonI invite you to visit my Patreon Page. I have had to make some changes in how I share my Art. Due to health reasons from Lupus and my spine, I am not doing art shows or having a public studio any longer. I contemplated heavily on how I could redesign my life now, and then I found Patreon. This platform was created like a type of Art Subscription platform that allows supporters (Patrons) to commit Monthly Pledges and receive designated Rewards from the Artist. Pledge tiers range from $1 - $100. and you can cancel anytime. Much of an Artist's content there is exclusive to that platform. I'm pleased that the concept of this forum will allow me to continue Sharing and Engaging in a meaningful way. The ability of having Monthly Google+ Video Chats, or Monthly Q&A Post threads, and even its own Exclusive Patron-only feed gives Supporters and Artists a wonderful way to bond in this ever-changing world in technology. You can learn more about it on my Patreon page here. I'm very excited about this direction, and feel that this will soon be a mainstream part of the Arts community.

Here is an introduction video

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and explore my Art. You can see my current Creations here:

Dragonfly Totem

Some people may wonder what a Visionary Artist is...A visionary artist is often a self taught artist who creates by connecting with and expressing through their most intuitive self in order to portray a wider awareness and perception of life itself. This is often done within a spiritual or mystical theme. For me, this way of creating is my passion. I believe that everything has a deeper meaning, a distinct symbolism, and often the smallest things carry the bigggest message. I am urged to create every day, expressing my own journey in how I perceive the world and how I walk in it.

Jeanne Fry Art





Art Realm

  • Touch Drawing Facilitator - Expressive Arts
  • Member of VSA- International Organization of Artists with Disabilities
  • Member of International Peace Tile Project
  • Teaching Residencies

Body Mind Spirit Realm

  • Traditional Usui Reiki Master / Teacher
  • Celtic Moon Charts
  • Holistic Workshops and Lectures on the Chakra System, Dream Symbolism, Gemstones, Space Clearing