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Womens Empowerment OOAK Beaded Spirit Doll titled The Arrival with Signed Poetry - Made to Order by Jeanne Fry

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This Made to Order Beaded Spirit Doll, titled "The Arrival", is an OOAK (original one of a kind) Art Doll Wall Hanger accompanied with my Signed Poetry that inspired her creation.  The Spirit Doll will be similar in design to the piece shown here. You have the option to choose some Colors that you would like incorporated, along with some gemstones or bead choices. It is fashioned after one of my original poems, titled "The Arrival". In 2012 I created a Spirit Doll to reflect the essence of the poem, focused on Women's Empowerment and the Spiritual Journey. To this day, that particular Spirit Doll remains my most popular in all my Art Doll creations.

I offer commissions to "re-create" her, similar in design but of course with differences in color choices, face sculpting, bead, and charm embellishments. Each commissioned "Arrival" Spirit Doll also comes with a Signed Copy of the poetry that inspired it.

When ordering her, please send me a message in regards to some of the elements you would like in her creation, such as: Colors, Integration of a special gemstone, or Symbolism of a particular aspect of a woman's journey. Sometimes people order and ask that she be reflected in prayer or meditation, or they would like it focused on several shades of purple, sometimes for example they would like her symbolism to reflect Courage in "Starting Over". OR, you can simply share a little about your journey with me and I will create her to reflect that aspect. The possibilities are endless. Let's work together to create a wonderfully unqiue and meaningful piece for You.

Following is a copy of the Poem that accompanies the Spirit Doll:


"It took me all of my life to get to this moment...This moment of surety in my being...This moment of reliance in my capabilities..This moment of loving who I am.

It took me all of my life...To shed the feeling of inadequacy...To shed the pressure of trying to measure up...To shed the relenting voice that I had to do more to compensate.

It took me all of my life to get to this moment...This moment of relief..Relief from the thoughts that I had to do for everyone else first...Relief from the oppressive weight that I was responsible for others..And take responsibility for the gentle child that lived within.

It took me all of my life to arrive at this moment..When instead of being the muse for them, I became the muse for ME...Whispering ideas of inspiration into the many layers of my own soul..It took me all of my life to arrive at this moment..This moment when I am the cheerleader for myself...When I carry an extraordinary pride of who I am and what I stand for..When I share all the parts of me without fear.

It took me all of my life...All of my life to arrive at this moment..When my heart and voice have connected and are able to speak a graceful truth...It took me all of my life to get here...Right here at This Moment."

(c) Copyright Jeanne Fry


The "Arrival" Spirit Doll is designed to display on a wall, with a loop on the back of her neck.She will measure approximately 18-20 inches in length, and will be created from Cloth and Clay.

This creation will take 2 weeks to complete, and will then be shipped priority mail and insured. An email will be sent to you when she is complete and ready to be mailed via USPS.

(My Art Dolls are a part of my Wisdom Keeper Art Doll Collection. They are created for adult collectors and not as children's toys. They are "Companions for the Woman's Spirit" and intended for Empowering and Inspiring.)

(c) Copyright Jeanne Fry All Rights Reserved

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