Wise Woman Gourd Folk Art Doll titled Comfort an Original Gourd and Clay Sculpture



This is the second Sculpture in my Wise Women series, titled "Comfort". She is an Original Gourd and Clay Sculpt, created to encourage Women to practice Self Care. 

This Wise Woman knows how hard you work. She knows how much good you are doing in the world. She will serve as a reminder that on those days when you sit down and are weary to the bone, to  practice Self Care and do the things that bring Comfort to your soul. 

"Comfort" is an Original Gourd and Clay Sculpt that is approximately 5 1/2 inches in height. She was sculpted to portray being a Mama to one's Self, with her arms wrapped around herself in embrace and her head resting in one hand.  Once the sculpt was sanded, she was painted with Acrylics. Her dress and headwrap were painted in Purple, Indigo, and Blues, with spirals and polka dots. Her hair is shades of brown, laying loosely around her face. 

A clay base was sculpted on to the bottom of the Sculpt to give her additional balance. The base is painted a deep Purple, with rows of polka dots flowing around it. The bottom of the base is Signed, Numbered, and Titled. The entire sculpture is sealed with a soft satin finish to protect it and enhance it. 

"Comfort" is #2 in the Wise Women series. A Certificate of Authenticity will accompany the Spirit Doll. 

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(The Wise Women series is a part of my Wisdom Keeper Art Doll Collection, created for adult collectors and Not as children's toys or decor.)