Willendorf- Original Figurative Sculpture - Goddess Statuary

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This Original Figurative Sculpture was created in the likeness of the Venus of  Willendorf. The original found figure is estimated to have been created 30,000 BCE. Today Willendorf is still beloved to many, symbolic of - Womanhood, the Mother, the Divine Feminine, Fertility, the Sacred Female, and Abundant Life. 

This is an orginal sculpt of Gourd and Clay. She is finished with a blend of Acrylics, a deep purple undercoat with a topcoat of raw sienna and yellow ocher. She is mounted on a wooden base that is painted black and signed and titled on its bottom. She was sealed with a matte finish to protect and enhance her painting. 

The Willendorf sculpture measures 15 inches in height x 7 inches in width. 

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