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White and Gold Shabby Chic Prayer Flag Panel White Layered Laces with Angel Wings titled Dreaming with Angels



This Fabric Art is a perfect piece to hang in a Meditation Space, a Healing Space, or in the Bedroom. It is a White and Gold Shabby Chic styled PRAYER FLAG PANEL. It can be displayed by itself, OR can be added to other Panels that I create to make a string of Prayer Flags. This one is titled "Dreaming with Angels". 

"Dreaming with Angels" was had stitched with 4 different Laces onto a beautiful section of White Fabric with printed White Lettering about Dreams, Loves, and Happiness. The Laces were added along the top, bottom, and side edges of the Panel. An addional Lace stip was attached down the center of the Panel, giving the appearance of stacked flowers. Here that Lace acts as the Angel's body. On either side of the Lace Body, are 2 Gold Lace Angel Wings. 

Silver Lace Trim creates 2 Loop sewn at the top corners of the Panel. A piece of Gold Satin Cord comes with the Panel. You can use the GOld Cord to thread through the Loops, gather at top to make a triangle, and hang on a picture hanger, small nail, or tac. [ Alternatively, you can string cord through the loops and add it to other Prayer Flags]

The "Dreaming with Angels" Prayer Flag Panel measures 13 inches in height x 11 inches in width. 

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