Warrior Women Sisterhood Gourd Art Bowl Original Painted Gourd Art with Beaded Lacing

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This "Warrior Women Sisterhood" Painted Gourd Art Bowl  is a perfect way to honor the Sacred Feminine in your home decor. It blends bold and vibrant colors with the allure of natural wood tones, on one of Nature's treasures...the Gourd. Three Warrior Women, full of life and character, boast the front of the Gourd Bowl. Each woman is portrayed in a different stance, one sitting a lotus position for meditating, , another sitting on her knees with arms raised in prayer, and the third in sacred movement/sacred dance. Each of them have hair like a lioness's mane, wild and flowing. Spirals of energy float around them, healthy and positive. 

The Gourd was cleaned, cut, and shaped as a unique freeform shaped vessel. The top of the Gourd was cut at an angle, and the front of that opening in a descending wavy form. Holes were drilled at the very front of that border, allowing for a MetallicThreaded Fiber Ribbon to be laced in adornment. Fourd wooden pony beads embellish the fiber ribbon. 

SunMoons were painted around the lacing holes, shining above the Women. Two large SunMoons were painted on the back of the Gourd. These SunMoons were painted in dark blue and white, representing the Sun and the Moon and their relationship with each other. 

This Gourd Art Bowl measures approximately 9.5 inches in height and 7 inches in diameter. The inside of the Gourd was painted black to give it a contemporary feel. It is signed and dated on the bottom of the Gourd, and was sealed with a light satin finish. 

***Gourd Art Bowls and Vessels are meant for decor purposes only. They are not meant to hold water or food. ***

This would be a wonderful piece to hold to hold keepsakes sush as memorable tokens, gemstones, feathers, etc. I use my personal Gourd Art Bowls are "Intention" bowls, were I keep pieces of paper with my written goals...dreams...the things I am wanting to manifest in my life. 

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