Strength of the Alder Woman Tree Spirit OOAK Spirit Doll Cloth and Clay Art Doll

Strength of the Alder Woman Tree Spirit OOAK Spirit Doll Cloth and Clay Art Doll


"Strength of the Alder Woman" is an OOAK (original one of a kind) Spirit Doll, reflecting a Woman with the spirit of the Alder tree. This art doll was designed as a Wall Hanger, able to bring inspiration to any room in the home. 
Her body was Hand Stitched from a deep beautiful black fabric with pale yellow, orange, and pale blue Tree Silhouettes - then stuffed with a polyester filling. Her arms were sewn in an outstretched embrace position. 
Her face is an Original Sculpt from doll making clay, then painted with acrylics, and sealed with a satin finish. Her expression is serene and gentle. Two small faceted beads were used to attach the face at the sides to the body. 
Soft black fibers were attached in long thick strands and then braided at each side, draping down the sides of her. 
A Two Panel Skirt was created for her, front and back, of the same Tree Silhouette material. It is cinched at the top and has long fiber ribbons wrapped around and tied to adorn the waist. The same fiber ribbon (black turquoise, cream, and orange), was used to drape down the sides of the skirt. 
A necklace is beaded around her neck. Cream, Turquoise, and Black Glass Beads were used for the necklace and adorned with a silver metal charm of the Tree of Life. 

A story comes with "Strength of the Alder Woman", that is printed on Card Stock, and signed and dated. The story, from my blog, reads:
"She stands, tall and proud, no matter what is happening around her. Whether the skies are filled with ferocious winds, battering rains, thick blankets of snow, or simple gloominess.....she Stands just as tall and proud as she does on the good days. She doesn't let those harder days keep her from being who she is. In fact, she digs in deeper and and holds steadfast. 
She shares who she is and what she has, lovingly with no conditions. She gives shelter to those who need it, and feeds those who could benefit. 
Alder Woman, thank you, for being a teacher who leads by example. for loving with no conditions, and for inspiring us all to Stand tall and proud."

Her body itself measures 16 inches in height and 15 inches across with her arms outstretched. With her long skirt included, she measures 21 inches in height. 

**Strength of the Alder Woman" is a part of my Wisdom Keeper Art Doll Collection, created for adult collectors and not as children's toys of decor because of their small components. 

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