The Spirit of Mardi Gras Cloth and Clay Spirit Doll by Jeanne Fry


I have long been enchanted by the Art of the Venetian Carnival, Mardi Gras, Mask Making, the Colors, the Clothing, and the Culture. This love inspired a new Art Doll...aptly named "The Spirit of Mardi Gras". I wanted the art doll to portray that feel in a sophisticated yet subtle way. 

I found a beautiful cotton fabric with an elaborate white, black and gold design, and designed her to be able to sit back in a relaxed fashion with her long dancer legs stretched out. She was hand stitched and filled with a polyfill stuffing. A white satin mini skirt was made for her out of trim, and embellished with a white and gold paper flower sewn at the hip. 

Her peaceful face was made from doll making clay and painted a opalescent white. Black and white striped trim was used for her hair, and another paper flower sits on top of her head as a hat. The paper of the flower has music sheet music in the design. 
The Art Doll measures approximately 10 inches tall, and in her sitting position is 6 inches tall. 

Her petite design allows her to be displayed in a variety of places. An art card with a short description of her along with my signature accompanies the doll. 

"The Spirit of Mardi Gras" is a part of my Wisdom Keeper Art Doll collection. My art dolls are created for adult collectors and not as children's toys or decor. 

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