Butterfly Shrine Wall Art Shabby Chic Altered Art Romantic Decor by Jeanne Fry



This Unique and Romantic piece is an Altered Art Butterfly Shrine that was created to be Wall Art and done in a Shabby Chic Style perfect as Romantic Decor by Jeanne Fry. It is titled "Romancing the Butterfly. The artwork originated by altering a small Drawer into a piece of One of a Kind artwork. This speaks to those who love the Butterfly totem, or who resonate with a feminine, romantic, shabby chic, or boho style of decor.

The Drawer was first painted with a blend of warm white, beige, and ivory. Strips of burlap decorative trim were added to the top and bottom front edge. A border of Liquid Pearl accents were dotted around the entire border facing, along with a few small paper flowers in shades of green in the top corners.

A Butterfly was created using a Golden Fiber product, that once cured feels like a flexible leather. The butterfly was painted with shades of White, Grey, and Metallic Pale Blue. Green paper flowers accent the borders of the butterfly, each having a Liquid Pearl dot in its center. An oval metal key component was attached as its body, and then embellished with more paper flowers and liquid pearls. A Beige Silk flower sits as the head of the butterfly, again accented with the liquid pearls. Two strips of burlap twine extend as it's antenna.

There are two small clear glass found objects that were adhered to the bottom of the inside of the shrine. They act as "flower vases", each one holding a beige silk flower. A small bouquet of pink and yellow flowers were wrapped in handmade paper and attached in the bottom of the shrine. A piece of sheet music was collage into the background, witih a white daily paper cut out on top.

There are three silver metal rectangular plaques at the top that read, Courage, Strength, and Faith.

There is a black metal handle that sits on the top of the shrine, the original handle from the drawer. This was left for decorative purposes.

A claw type of picture hanger was attached to back for wall displaying.

The entire shrine measures 15 inches in length, 8 1/2 inches in width, and 1 3/4 inches in depth. It was sealed with a satin finish, and is signed and titled on the back.

The Butterfly Totem Symbolic Meaning: Transformation, Growth, Spiritual Connection, Dance of Light, and Happiness