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Metamorphosis of a Woman - Opening her Wings an Original Contemporary Folk Painting 24x30



"Metamorphosis of a Woman - the Opening of her Wings" is an Original Contemporary Folk Painting by Jeanne Fry, created with a focus on the woman's journey to Self. The painting was meant to empower and support the personal growth of women, the challenges and rewards. 

Using acrylics, the tone of the painting resonates periwinkle blue and lavender, soothing tranquil colors - symbolic of a graceful transformation. The woman is painted nude, representing her state of raw authenticity. She is perched atop a large purple flower, ready to take flight into her newly created state of Mind, state of Self, and state of Life. She is now ready to navigate life using the wisdom afforded her from her conscious growth and awakening. A diverse assortment of colorful flowers surround her, representing lessons learned on her journey. Behind her a curtain of wisteria drapes the sky, for beauty and comfort. Her wings are spread open, ready for flight, with one wing tip still slightly curled , indicative of her last pause making sure she is ready. 

The following is excerpt from my blog post on the inspiration behind me painting;

"It was time for Change, time for an utterly complete transformation. When she found herself walking through her days feeling like a foreigner in a strange distant land, she knew that somehow her life had been derailed into something that was unrecognizable....something that was not hers. Somewhere along the way she had relinquished her power to the manipulations of those who never had her highest good in mind.

 Feeling broken she retreated quietly into the deepest past of her self, seeking respite and answers. She had lost everything and in retrospect realized that it was necessary, for this transformation required her to be in a most raw and authentic state.

It was time to recreate her life into the magical journey it was meant to be. This time she will live it as the empowered woman warrior that she is, wiser for the battles she has already fought, and with a sage's grace that comes with the passing of seasons. 

She spent considerable time wrapped up in her protective cocoon, ignoring the criticisms and judgments she could hear from the outside. They didn't know what kind of work was being done inside, nor did she feel the need to explain. 

Finally a whisper suggested that she was ready to emerge. Slowly she began to shed  those protective layers to reveal her transformed Self, confident and strong. Filled with a wisdom from past experiences, she knows this time she is living for Her...this time she will write her own story.

She opens her vibrant wings and perches on the center of a flower, ready for flight. She pauses for one second and asks herself... "Am I truly ready?"



unequivocally YES."


The Painting is signed on the front, signed and titled on the back, and sealed with a satin finish. It measures 24 inches in width, and 30 inches in height. A printed copy of its blog story is included with the painting.

Shipping costs are included in the price of this piece.