Luna's Moonlit Garden Original Canvas Painting Pop Surrealism of Luna Moth 11x14 by Jeanne Fry



Luna's Moonlit Garden is an Original Canvas Painting done in a Pop Surrealism style of the beautiful and mystical Luna Moth by Jeanne Fry. Many people are attracted to the Luna Moth, excited when they find one, such a rare and wondrous beauty. One of the symbolic meanings of the Luna Moth is to cherish each and every moment of Life, for we never know how long we will be here.

The painting was created with acrylics on an 11x14 canvas. Deep rich colors make up the background, in shades of blues, greys, and black - for the night sky. Luna herself is part woman and part luna moth, her brown auburn hair floating above her as she flutters. Her lime green color brings a wonderful contrast against the night sky.

If you would like to read more about her symbolism, you can copy and paste this link to my blog

She is hovering above her moonlit garden - white moon flowers in different stages of their growth, representing Life and our Cycles.

The sides of the canvas are painted black to give it a clean contemporary look. The painting is signed on the front, signed and titled on the back, and sealed with a soft satin finish to protect and deepen the painting. Gallery wire is installed on the back so that it is Ready to Hang.

(c) Copyright Jeanne Fry All Rights Reserved

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