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Safe Travels - OOAK Spirit Doll

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This OOAK Spirit Doll is named "Safe Travels",  a miniature piece to take along on a journey for Blessings  and Good Luck. 

"Safe Travels, wide and far

Blessed Journey by plane or car"

Her face is an Original sculpt of clay and painted with Acrylics. The arrow symbol on her forehead is for "travel " - the circular symbol on her cheek is for "spring" - and the U shaped symbol is for "summer". Her entire head is beaded with rose, pink,  purple, and black  glass beads. A gold looped trim frames her face.  

Her body was sewn from a dusty rose and pink batik fabric in a Goddess shape. Two vintage gold costume jewelry pieces are sewn at each of her shoulders, as Wings of Flight.  A metal charm is attached on her belly that reads "Travel", and then is surrounded by a beaded swirl of rose glass beads. More gold looped trim adorns her bottom edging. The symbolism of the gold on this Spirit Spirit Doll represents a continuance of Prosperity to fuel travel and adventures. 

She measures 5 inches in height x 3 inches in width. 

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