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The Riverkeeper Original Painting of Goddess of Water with Headdress of Cattails 16x20



"The Riverkeeper" is an Original Canvas Painting reflecting the Goddess of Water, of the Rivers, of the life force that flows through Mother Earth. You could almost call her the Lady in Blue, as a plethora of blues were used. She brings an energy of calm and balance, even when there are moments of great activity. She encourages one to stand tall, in strength, in peace, when the world is moving too fast. She reminds us to be aware and seek out the positives that surround us, and  not let ourselves get caught up in the currents. 

The Goddess wears a Headdress of Cattails surrounded by Water Hyacinth, where a river snail is resting. She wears a blue draped wrap around her and a necklace of a stained glass dragonfly with beaded leaf chain. Her right hand holds a bamboo staff, while a blue crab rests on her knuckles. A water droplet is positioned on the top of the bamboo staff. 

The background of the painting is of the river waters, deep blues on the left which lighten as they move to the right. Waves of flowing water move in front of her, over her hand, and swirl around her eye like a spectacle. Water droplets splash from the rotation. The water flows down the side of her neck and meet her shoulder in a high wave which pools atop her wrap. Her eyes are a deep blue like the river's water. and she wears earrings that are themselves a water droplet. 

The painting was created with Acrylics on a Canvas that measures 16 inches x 20 inches. The sides of the painting are painted black for a contemporary feel. It is signed on the front, signed and titled on the back, and sealed with a soft satin finish. Gallery wire is installed on the back so that it is ready to hang. 

(c) Copyright Jeanne Fry  All Rights Reserved

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