Rise Up Women the World needs Healing - an Original Gourd and Clay Art Doll with Whimsical Houses and Black and White Design

Rise Up Women the World needs Healing - an Original Gourd and Clay Art Doll with Whimsical Houses and Black and White Design


This Original Gourd and Clay Art Doll, created in honor of Women's Empowerment, is titled "Rise Up", who's theme focuses on the theory "Women are being called to Rise Up for the World needs Healing."  It is an original one of a kind gourd and clay sculpture by Jeanne Fry, that measures 14 inches in height and 6 inches in diameter. Once cured, she was hand sanded and painted with matte acrylics in a vibrant folk art style. The scene is painted around her entire body, a day and night portrayal over a whimsical folk art house community. 

The Art Doll is permanently attached to a wood stand, which is painted black and adorned along the edges with liquid pearl. The bottom of the stand is painted black, signed, and dated by me. She is sealed with a satin finish to protect the painting and life of the art doll. 

A story card accompanies her, telling her story and inspiration. The story card also serves as her Certificate of Authenticity. The beginning of her story is here (and continues on my blog. I have attached a link to its post so you can read it in full)


We talked about art and life and everyday things, and before he left he reached over and took my hand and urged me to continue Creating, especially the pieces that help to empower women. He said "The Women are being called...called to Rise Up...for the World needs Healing." His words have stayed with me all these years. 
Those words inspired my most recent gourd sculpted Art Doll, titled "Rise Up". 
This Art Doll is a Gourd and Clay Sculpture. She has a complex headdress, painted in a finely detailed black and white design, symbolic of the knowledge she carries. Her dress is half black and half white, the yin and the yang, the balance that is needed for this Journey. She has pledged to be a Lightworker, focusing her energy on helping to heal the world, where an abundance of fear, anger, and sadness are overflowing.
She stands in a resting position with her arms crossed, looking off to the side. Her expression holds a myriad of emotions, for in her soul she is feeling thoughtful, focused, and filled with empathy and compassion, even sometimes a bit of sadness, as she offers a caring hand to many. When she wakes in the morning and prepares for her day, she asks "What can I do today to make a difference?"....and an answer always comes........"

****You can read her entire story here on my blog http://jeannefryart.blogspot.com/2016/07/the-women-are-being-called-to-rise-up.html

"Rise Up" is a part of my Wisdom Keeper Art Doll Collection, which is a collection of Art Dolls for adult collectors, not as children's toys.