RESERVED FOR MARGO - Goddess of Anemone - OOAK Spirit Doll - Daughter of the Wind


The Goddess of Anemone, also known as the Daughter of the Wind, is an OOAK Spirit Doll created from Gourd and Clay. Anemone Flowers are known as wind flowers. The Ancients believed that the Wind was responsible for the opening and closing of the Anemone flowers. Other Mythology said that Aphrodite's tears turned into Anemones. over the years,  the Faeries would sleep under their petals,  as they were known to Protect from ill will.

This Goddess is an Original Sculpt of Gourd and Clay.  She measures 12 inches in height x 10 inches in width.  The sculpture is mounted on a wooden base, which is painted black. Her sculpture is done with arms outstretched,  as she moves with the flow of the wind. An Anemone flower and leaf are sculpted on the top of her head, and two more Anemones are sculpted on her front.  She is painted with Acrylics and sealed with a soft Matte finish. She is signed and titled on the bottom of the wooden base. 

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