Red Barn Golden Landscape Canvas Painting with Pennsylvania Dutch style Good Luck Hex Sign 16x20 by Jeanne Fry


The "Red Barn Golden Landscape" is a new Original Canvas Painting, and part of a new series I am creating called "Barnscapes". Growing up in upstate New York and having family in Pennsylvania surrounded me with a multitude of farms, and many of the barns were decorated with Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Signs, symbolic for Luck, Strengh, Wealth, Health, Harvest/Abundance, and Family. Each of my "Barnscape" paintings will have their own sign to honor my childhood memories. 

"Red Barn Golden Landscape" brings warmth and depth with its flowing field of Goldenrod color, accented with a center of colorful Foxglove flowers. The sky reflects the Goldenrod, and is accented with beautiful Violet cloud formations. The large stately Red Barn sitting atop the knoll captures one's attention with its Silver Tin Roof and beautiful Pennsylvania Dutch style Hex Sign with intricate Star design, symbolic for Good Luck. 

The painting was created with Acrylics on Canvas. The sides of the canvas are painted a deep barn red. It is signed on the front, signed and titled on the back, and sealed with a satin finish to protect and enhance the painting. Gallery wire is installed on the back so that it is Ready to Hang. 

This painting measures 16 inches x 20 inches.

(c) Copyright Jeanne Fry  All Rights Reserved

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