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Purple Beaded Mermaid Art Doll with Pearls OOAK Cloth and Clay Original Sculpt Spirit Doll on Wood Display Base

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Sirena is a Purple Beaded Mermaid Art Doll, an OOAK Cloth and Clay Original Sculpted Spirit Doll on a wood display base. Her shades of purples and blues, along with her patterns of various pearls and beads, creates a warm and richly textured statement piece. She is symbolic of the Ocean, the flowing Waters, Cleansing, the balance of Emotions, the Feminine, and the Spiritual Journey. 

Her Story: 

Sirena, one of the most loved Mermaids, lives at the Pink Granite Coast in Brittany, France. Her Mer-family has lived there for generations. She can often be found sitting on one of the magnificent rock formations, but she is somewhat disguised as her own purple hues blend in well with the pink sands and rocks. 
Sirena has a heart of gold and infuses love into everything she does. She knows that the humans often come to the waters for Releasing and Cleansing their emotions. The connection with Mother Earth is strong, and the Water always seems to make one feel better. She quietly sits and listens. 
When she feels a human at the water's edge, someone who is releasing their emotions, she softly dips the tip of her tail in the water and twirls it in circles. The spirals in the water extend out further and further until eventually the spiral will pull in the energy that needs healing...and will push out fresh and vibrant energy to the shore. She continues to watch the human, continuing to twirl her tail in the water. When she finally sees them relax and breathe deep, she stops the water's movement, knowing that the energy was cleansed. Grateful that she was able to help another and share the love, she bends down and slips into the water, swimming all the way to the floor of the cove. She reaches and picks up a pearl and places it within a groove of her tail. She does this each time she helps one of the humans because from that day forward...they are now a part of her heart. She will always be there for them now, whenever they need someone to Listen. 

Sirena was created from Cloth and Clay. She was entirely hand stitched using a soft purple/lavender fabric with dark blue polka dots. Her tail is in a uplifted position and her arms outstretched. Her body was stuffed with a polyester filling. Her face was Originally Sculpted from doll making clay, then painted with soft muted shades of purple, grey, and cream which gives her warm weathered look. Her hairstyle was made with yarn strands accented with metallic threads and is shades of grey, magenta, red, and soft blue. It was done in a long hairstyle and is pulled back in a loose ponytail which flows around her face. 

Two blue glass beads shaped like shells are her breasts. She is extensively beaded from her waist to the tip of her lovely mermaid tail. Patterns were made using different beads - round pearls, blister pearls, nugget pearls, shell beads, biwa stick pearls. all in shades of peacock, soft pinks, and white. The tip of her tail and her waist are accented with facted blue-green and grey beads accented with pearl. 

The mermaid herself measures 10.5 inches in height and 8.5 inches in width with her arms outstretched. She is mounted on a dowel and wood base, which then makes her entire measurement 16 inches in height and 8 inches in width. 

The dowel and base are painted black with purple and blue polka dots that extend her pattern. My signature, title of piece, and date is painted on the bottom of the base. A printed copy of her story accompanies the art doll and is her Certificate of Authenticity. 

(c) Copyright Jeanne Fry  All Rights Reserved

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