OOAK Folk Art Doll Cloth and Clay Wall Hanging with Agate Gemstones and Printed Story Living Fully with Wide Open Heart

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"The Agate Sunset and her Wide Open Heart" is an OOAK Folk Art Doll Wall Hanging, a piece of Mountain Folk Art by Jeanne Fry. She is a Cloth and Clay original sculpt creation. The fabrics used are reminiscent of a fiery sunset and adorned with beautiful Agate gemstones beads. 

Her body was sewn from a yellow ochre fabric and filled with a polyester stuffing. Her long skirt and shoulder wrap were created from a rich batik in purple red, orange, and blue/grey. The shoulder wrap was edged with a burnt orange fiber trum, periwinkle blue faceted glass beads, and an assortment of Agate gemstone beads. There is a focal Red Clay Heart Bead in the center of her shoulder wrap. A blue grey skirt layer wraps around her waist and down the side of her skirt, embellished with magenta fiber trim, and round Agate beads. 

Her face is an Original Clay Sculpt, painted with Acrylics, and sealed with a soft satin finish. It is attached and adorned by two Agate disc beads. Black Fiber trim creates her loose long hair that is tied on top of her bead. A multi colored fiber ribbon makes a head wrap for her. Silver Lace Trim is sewn in a loop at the back of her neck for wall displaying. She measures approximately 16 1/2 inches in length x 5 1/2 inches in width. 

A printed copy of her story accompanies the Art Doll and reads as follows: 

She walks with her Heart Wide Open. It is the only way that her spirit is able to Live....authentically. She finds joy watching and engaging with the precious life all around her, be it plant, animal, or human. There are lessons to be learned from them all, aren't there?. Though honestly, as of late, it has brought sadness to her. 

Watching how people have been treating one another, the judging, the tearing down, the turning of backs on one another, and the total disregard out of greed or fear.....all seems to be at such heightened levels. The grief exists whether she is on the receiving end or witnessing it happening to another. At times it feels like her heart couldn't hold one more ounce of sadness. 

There have been many who have offered up unsolicited advice for her sadness....turn off the news...don't be an advocate...don't participate in social justice events...don't engage in politics...delete people from social media...delete people from your life...turn your back...turn the other cheek...let someone else help...keep your thoughts to yourself....bury your head in the sand....just worry about your own life...don't talk about the negative...grow a thicker skin...you're just looking at things wrong...Close Your Heart. ...

Sometimes all those things make her snort a half giggle. She thought how funny it is that as children we are raised to be thoughtful, kind, and giving human beings....yet when we are older we are told NOT to be. 

She is not going to change who she is. She will continue to walk with her Heart Wide Open...to feel...to love...to cry...to laugh...to help...to give....to be fully Present for herself and others.  She will continue to let her heart lead the way. 

And in those moments when things feel a little rocky, when the sadness comes, and when the world seems disappointing, she will protect herself Spiritually. 

She will close her eyes and imagine herself standing within the Agate Sunset....where the wide open sky looks like a painter's brush has spread magnificent streaks of magenta and fiery orange, dusty rose and splatters of periwinkle blues. She will hold close those wondrous Agate gemstones, gifts from Mother Earth, as they cleanse away the stress and stimulate her life force, those tool bits of spiritual protection. She will come to this space every night and she will come here as often as need be...to remember who she is...to remember that we are all Perfectly Imperfect...and to continue having the Strength to Walk with her Heart Wide Open. 

(c) Copyright Jeanne Fry  All Rights Reserved

This Folk Art Doll is a part of my Wisdom Keeper Art Doll collection, created for Adult collectors and not as children's toys or decor because fo their small parts. 

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