Mother Pride - OOAK Spirit Doll - with Feather Boa


This OOAK Spirit Doll is an original creation named "Mother Pride", celebrating Pride month and that Love is Love is Love. She is a Clay and Cloth piece, designed as a Wall Hanger. 

Her face is an original sculpt of clay, painted with Acrylics,  and sealed with a soft satin finish.  Her hair is acrylic, done in an ombre of Crimson and Blue, and braided.  Her body was sewn from a specialty metallic thread fabric in the Rainbow colors. Her arms are outstretched and she holds her rainbow colored feather boa in her left hand  - allowing it to drape down her left side or to wrap around ro her right shoulder.  Light lavender taffeta creates a tutu for her that lays over her long skirt. 

A ribbon loop and button are sewn at the back of her neck for displaying on the wall. She measures 15 inches in height x 9 inches in width. 

(c) Copyright Jeanne Fry All Rights Reserved