The Manifestress - OOAK Spirit Doll for Manifesting

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The "Manifestress" is an OOAK Spirit Doll created as a Companion for Manifesting. She is a hard working and magic filled spirit woman who loves nothing more than getting energy flowing. In fact,  its often the first thing she does in the morning,  so she quickly wisps her hair up and off she goes with her mystical honeycomb wrap.  

Her face is an Original Sculpt of clay, done with a sincere and excited expression, and painted with Acrylics. Her hair is done with long soft brown fibers, pulled up in a twisted messy bun, and adorned with botanicals and hair sticks. 

Her body was sewn from a orange blended garden fabric and stuffed with polyfil. She wears a long white flowered tunic closed with a gemstone closure, and a long honey colored skirt.  She holds a long yellow honeycomb patterned wrap which she uses for her magic, adorned with a gold charm which represents the Crown Chakra.  

She is a perfect Auntie for making magic with her sweet sincere face is always a comfort.  

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