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Maiden Energy of the Triple Goddess - OOAK Spirit Doll Wall Art

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This OOAK Spirit Doll was designed as Wall Art to reflect youthful Maiden energy of the Triple Goddess. Honoring the Sacred Feminine,  she wears the Triple Goddess symbol on her forehead.  

The Maiden's face is an Original Sculpt of clay, painted with Acrylics,  and sealed with a matte finish.  Her hair is dusty pink braided fibers,  done in a long loose flowing hairstyle.  

Her body was sewn from a purple and pale blue batik fabric, her arms stretched upward, holding the beaded loops that she dangles from. Two pearl disc beads act as her breasts. Her long matching skirt is adorned with a peach fabric flower trim and long flowing ribbons down the side. 

The beaded loops she holds lead to a clay sculpted sky scene which hold the Triple Moon symbol. Ribbons are threaded through the top of the sky scene, created for hanging. 

The entire piece including wrapped ribbons, clay sky, beaded loops, and Spirit Doll is approximately 30 inches in height x 5 1/2 inches in width.  

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