The Magical Goddess of Neptune - OOAK Spirit Doll with Gourd Bowl Planet

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This OOAK Spirit Doll with the Gourd Bowl Planet, is quickly one of my favorite creations over the past 15 years. "The Magical Goddess of Neptune " can be displayed two fabulous ways. She herself can be displayed as Wall Art, hung by a blue sparkly ribbon loop at the back of her neck, while the planet Neptune sits on a shelf nearby ... OR ..  She can snugly stand inside the planet Neptune and be displayed on any table or shelf. I love this diversity.  If you display her inside Neptune, she is approximately 15 inches in height x 7 inches in width. If you display her separately- She is 16 inches in height x 7 inches in width,  while Neptune is 6 inches in height x 6 inches in width.  

The Goddess was sewn from a deep purple and turquoise batik fabric in a feminine goddess shape while her arms are down at her sides, slightly outstretched.  She wears a long light blue batik skirt with a dark turquoise hip wrap and a dark turquoise shoulder wrap. The edges of her clothing are adorned with purple and ivory fiber trim. A purple and white fabric flower with round turquoise bead creates the closure for her shoulder wrap. A purple and black fabric flower with round turquoise bead creates the closure for her hip wrap. There are 5 felt turquoise Stars with light grey loops that she holds and are attached to her skirt. Each star has one Lavender beaded letter in order to spell the word M A G I C . The star loops are sewn on and embellished with a natural pearl bead. 

Her face is an Original Sculpt of clay, painted with Acrylics,  and sealed with a matte finish.  She has large blue eyes and magenta stars painted on her face.  Her fluffy curly hair was created with magenta  and soft pink dyed fibers, pulled up loosely on her head, and wrapped with a hot pink sari ribbon. 

The Planet Neptune is a Gourd Art Bowl, cut cleaned and shaped,  then mounted on a square wooden base. The inside is painted black. The outside is painted with several complimentary shades of blues to reflect Neptune.  Her title is painted on the front edge of the base,  and it is signed underneath.  (Gourd Art Bowls are not designed to hold water or elements- they are for decorative purposes). 

Symbolism of The Magical Goddess of Neptune:  This Goddess brings Inspiration,  Enchantment,  Intensifies Intuition,  Purification,  Cleansing, Compassion , Glamour, and Magic.  She beings Beauty to a higher Spiritual level. She reigns in the Planet of Mist, and rules over Water and Dreams. Her energy helps realize the Beauty of Life.