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Love Lessons a Heart Shaped Self Care Art Doll with Empowering Affirmations and Wild Red Hair




"Love Lessons" is an OOAK (original one of a kind) Contemporary Folk Art Doll, created from Clay and Batik and Empowering Affirmations. Her wild red hair, along with the deep shades of reds and turquoise in her fabric and trims, make her a bold and engaging statement piece of art. She serves as a visual reminder to be attentive in our Self Care, and to replace negative self talk with empowering affirmations. 

From my Blog: There is great value in Self Care and Self Love. It nurtures the creation of healthy boundaries, helps us make more balanced decisions, maintains an inner balance, boosts our self esteem, and models to those around us the value in treating people with love and respect. We spend so much of our time focused and working on our Relationships with those around us,  that we often neglect the most important relationship, the one we have with our Self, our Inner Being. Before you know it we begin to neglect how we take care of ourselves, giving more and more to Others and less and less to Self. 

We need to ask ourselves.....Do we spend quality time with Self? Do we take ourselves out on dates doing things that we truly enjoy?

Do we stop and ask Self how our day was, a check-in of sorts? Do we listen attentively to how we feel and honor those feelings? 

Do we prevent the all-popular Negative Self Talk? 

We often will be cheerleaders for those we care about.... Are we a cheerleader for our own Inner Being? Do we give ourselves pep talks and encouragement? 

Do we keep promises and commitments with our Self? 

Are we Honest with our Self?

The Creation of "Love Lessons":  Her face is an Original Sculpt of doll making clay, later painted with acrylics, and attached with beaded sides. Long red fiber trim was used to create her hairstyle which is is wavy and stands up away from her head. Her body was made with a gorgeous piece of batik fabric, in shades of reds with turquoise and beige highlights,  sewn into a heart shape and filled with a polyester stuffing. Small patches of the same fabric were used to paint empowering Affirmations on, then hand sewn onto the front of her body. The patches read "I am Worthy", "I am Loved", "I am Beautiful", and "I live in a loving, abundant Harmonious World". 

Small wooden rectangular tabs were painted in red and turquoise and highlighted with a single word such as (Hope, Love, Smile, Brave, and Dream). A small hole was pushed through the top of each one and then threaded onto red and turquoise fiber trim that was sewn loosely draped along the bottom of her body, 

A red satin ribbon loop was sewn at the back of her head for wall displaying. Her body measures 13 inches in height and 8 inches in width. The total height including the draped fibers and wood tabs is 21 inches. 

A printed copy of her blog post will be shipped with her, signed and dated by me. 

(c) Copyright Jeanne Fry   All Rights Reserved

***"Love Lessons" is a part of my Wisdom Keeper Art Doll Collection, created for adult collectors and NOT as children't toys or decor because of their small components.

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