On Her Way to the Party - A Day in the Life of LilyBelle CloverSweet - Original Painting


"On Her Way to the Party" is an Original Folk Art Painting, portraying a Snail Woman named LilyBelle CloverSweet. The painting was created with Acrylics, the background being done in neutral colors. LilyBelle is picking wildflowers along the way. 

Her Story on my blog:

All of her life  LilyBelle CloverSweet, Princess of the Snail Kingdom in Southern Wales, has been hearing the same things exclaimed at her from her friends. "Hurry Up LilyBelle!" "We're gonna be late LilyBelle!" "Come On, LilyBelle!" 

For many years, since she was very young, she always felt so much pressure and anxiety from her friends. She would feel bad after spending time with them, feeling as if she was a burden because it would take her longer to get from Here to There. Often she would cry her self to sleep on her velvety Oak Leaf bed.
One night her Auntie Ophelia came in to tuck her in and talk to her. 
"Lilybelle, why do you worry so about what your friends say? I want you to realize that if we go through life too fast, we'll miss it all. You were meant to enjoy each and every moment, because they are precious. And once they are gone....they are gone. So cherish them, be present with them, take your Time. I know that you won't believe this but later on when those friends get older, they are going to look to You for your wisdom on Slowing Down and being Mindful."
Lilybelle laughed when she heard that ! Them look to her? 
Today LilyBelle herself is an Auntie, and she is on her way to a party. She pics wildflowers along the way, a gift to cheer up her niece who will be there. Today she will pass along the sage wisdom she learned from Auntie Ophelia. If we go through Life too fast, we'll miss it all. Cherish those moments. 
This Original Painting created with Acrylics on Strathmore Paper that measures 9 x12. The painting comes to you UNframed, giving you the ability to choose your own frame to match your decor. It is signed on the front, signed and titled on the back, and sealed with a satin finish. 
It will be placed on a back mat, and inside a plastic sleeve to protect during shipping. A printed copy of the story accompanies the painting. 
(c) Copyright Jeanne Fry All Rights Reserved
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