Handmade HAPPY Spirit Flag Panel Mixed Media Prayer Flag Embellished Burlap Spiritual Art Healing Decor



This Handmade HAPPY Spirit Flag Panel was designed to display on it's own, OR to add to other Spirit Flags that I have created to make a Set. It is a Mixed Media piece, based from a fun sheet of Burlap with pink polka dots. A Red and Orange Tie Dyed fabric square was attached to the Burlap, later adorned with an edging of Orange Fuzzy Ribbon, Cream colored Lace Trim, and then finally a Pink and Orange Puff Trim. 

A brown burlap Flower is attached at the bottom left corner. The word HAPPY is painted diagonally with White Fabric Paint. Peach colored pom pom trim dangles down each side of the Spirit Flag. Two white burlap Flowers are sewn at the top two corners. An additional length of pom pom trim drapes between the two flowers and holds another White and Yellow Paper Flower. 

Two Burlap Loops are attached at the very top of the Spirit Flag for displaying. The back of the panel is signed and dated. It measures 8 inches in width x 13 inches in length. 

(c) Copyright Jeanne Fry  All Rights Reserved

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