Goddess of Meditation Cloth and Clay Art Doll Spirit Doll with Paper Flowers



The Goddess of Meditation Art Doll was created to display in a Sacred Space in your home - the space where you do Yoga or Meditation or any Healing or Spiritual practice. She is a supportive reminder and symbol of connection. She was designed as a Wall Hanger, with a velour loop om the back of her hands. 

She was created by hand stitching a beautiful piece of cotton fabric with a vintage style mandala print into a Goddes body shape. Her face is an Original Clay Sculpt, from doll maker's clay, and later painted with Acrylics with a pale blue/grey tone to compliment the fabric. Black fancy trim is sewn around the edging of her face as adornment. Small pieces of canvas fabric were cut into squares and painted with letters to make the word      M E D I T A T E. The letters were then framed with lacey trim stitched around them. 

She is embellished with a tall piece of stemmed White Paper Flowers, sewn at her belly and up across her chest, and around her head. Pale teal burlap ribbon is sewn around the back of her shoulders. She measures 16 inches in height and 10 inches in width. 

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****The Goddess of Meditation is a part of my Wisdom Keeper Art Doll Collection, created for Adult Collectors and not as children's toys because of their small components.