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The Goddess Me and Tea an Original Canvas Painting of Witch in a Teacup



"The Goddess Me and Tea" is an Original Canvas Painting of a Grey Witch in a Teacup. Continuing my series of Fairies, Gnomes, and Whimsical Women relaxing in their coffee and teacups, here I bring wee Witches into the creative mix. While much of her is hidden inside the cup, her turquoise and peach striped legs are draped over the side, and her grey wool hat is seen from the top. Her broom is leaned through the cup handle for safe keeping. Through the window above you can see the Triple Moon Goddess symbol among the stars, shining bright as the moon. 

The Painting was created with Acrylics on canvas that measures 6 inches x 6 inches x 1 3/8 inches. The front is signed, the back is signed and titled, and it is sealed with a soft satin finish. 

"The Goddess Me and Tea" has a subtle neutral background of grey, raw sienna, and ivory. Her earth tones blend nicely with the earthiness of the teacup, done in burnt umber browns with a hint of yellow ochre in its spiral. 

(c) Copyright Jeanne Fry  All Rights Reserved

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