Gift Certificate


Choose the Amount for your Gift Certificate


Gift Certificates are now available for the Holiday Season. This is a perfect way to give Original Art....Meaningful the people you love. It allows them to choose a piece that resonates with their Spirit. At the same time it Supports an Artist, Supports a local economy, and Supports Made in America. 

When you purchase a Gift Certificate for someone you care for, you have 2 options for delivery of the Certificate. (1) I can Snail Mail the Gift Certficiate to You or the Recipient and you can physically give it to them OR (2) I can send it a digital Gift Certificate to the Recipient via Email. 

The Gift Certificate will look the same in both versions. The bottom of the Card will be filled in with their Name, the gift Amount, and the CODE # that they use while they are shopping.

During their shopping experience, they will enter the CODE during checkout and the amount you designated will be deducted. If they purchased more than the Gift Certificate, they can pay for the balance with their own funds. If they purchase less than the Gift Certificate, the balance will be saved for another shopping experience. 

If you have any questions, or if you would like to purchase a denomination other that those listed in the drop down box, please email me at