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Four Directions Protection Prayer Spirit Doll Poppet Reiki Charged Spiritual Art



For those moments when we need a little spiritual boost, this wee Spirit Doll poppet was created to carry your Prayers of Protection. She was created with focused intention to Honor the Four Directions and to be a reminder of our Prayers (here for Protection). 

She was entirely hand stiched of a beautiful purple and indigo patterned cotton fabric, in a Goddess shape with arms outstretched, and filled with a polyester stuffing. Her face is a silver metal face charm, surrounded by Smokey Quartz gemstone beads (symbolic for dispelling negativity) that crown her face. Shades of purple fiber ribbons are sewn to her head and situated as a head wrap. Two purple and white flower beads with accents as beaded as her breasts. A large silver metal charm for the four directions is sewn at her abdomen, with a smokey quartz stone inside each circle. Multiple colored fiber ribbons, in purple, turquoise, red, and yellow, are wrapped and tied around her waist and then sewn across her bottom. 

She measures 6 inches in height and 4 inches in width. A printed Certificate of Authenticity comes with her, as well as a Protection Prayer. She is a part of my Wisdom Keeper Art Doll Collection, created for adult collectors. 

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