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In a field of weeds Be a Daisy - OOAK Art Doll Wise Woman with White Boho Braids, Polka Dots, and Daisies

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"In a field of weeds, Be a Daisy" is an OOAK Art Doll Wise Woman who is engaging and inspiring with her White Boho Braids, Black and White Polka Dots, and Happy Daisies. She was created in a seated position and can be displayed on a pedestal, shelf, desk, or anywhere you need an uplifting fix. 

In a field of weeds....Be a Daisy. 

Don't allow others to pull you down so that they can feel more comfortable. Negativity breeds negativity. 

Be strong. When things are difficult, acknowledge it....honor it...and then choose to rise above...choose to still be happy....

Choose to Be a Daisy. 

This Folk Art Doll is a stately piece. Her entire height is 28 inches...though since she is sewn into her seated position she is 10 inches in height with a leg length of 18 inches. Her body was free form sewn using three various styles of black and white polka dot fabric, then filled with a polyester stuffing. Her face is an Original Sculpt of doll making clay, painted with acrylics, and attached with faceted beads. Her hair was created meticulously with White Spun Bamboo Roving, sewn into her head, and then styled in two loose Boho Braids with an accent braid down the side. Her long tunic and short skirt were sewn from a black, white, and yellow Daisy fabric. The top and skirt were embellished with layers of various lace trims  and white pearl beads. She wears a black obsidian and white pearl beaded bracelet on one wrist. She holds a free form sewn heart from a yellow and grey Daisy fabric and adorned with liquid pearl and lace trim.The phrase "In a field of weeds, Be a Daisy" was drawn on the heart. 

This wise woman is a part of my Wisdom Keeper Art Doll collection, created for adult collectors and not as children's toys or decor because of the small components used. (The polka dot box and pink flower in some of the photos are props and are not included with the Art Doll. )

She will be carefully and lovingly wrapped and packed for shipping to you, and will include the fabric heart that she holds and a printed copy of the phrase above and my signature - her Certificate of Authenticiy. 

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