Dragonfly Totem Original Contemporary Folk Art Canvas Painting 10x30 by Jeanne Fry

Dragonfly Totem Original Contemporary Folk Art Canvas Painting 10x30 by Jeanne Fry


In honoring the Dragonfly and with the Welcoming of Summer, I wanted to bring both the energy and the beauty of it to the canvas. I wanted to portray a feeling of warmth and healing within a serene environment, and so used the colors of sage green, raw sienna, goldenrod, and hints of turqoise and purple. 

Three colroful Dragonflies were painted down the center of the canvas, which alternate with white daisy-like flowers that bring a lovely contrast of Purity and Light. The flowers were fashioned in a slight mandala type of way, making this piece a wonderful addition to any space where you want a sense of peace and tranquility. 

Dragonfly Totem Symbolism: Dragonflies have masterful ariel skills. Even though they may sometimes seem to have an unpredictable or bonky flight path, it's important to recognize that their abilities allow them to quickly maneuver around and through obstacles with grace. They have a special relationship with Light - embraacing, carrying, and reflecting it wtih their Pure spirit. 

The Dragonfly Totem was painted on a Floating Canvas that measures 10 inches x 30 inches. A floating canvas is designed in a manner that the side edges angle inward, making it appear as if the painting floats forward from the wall. The edges of my canvas were painted black.

The painting is signed on the front, signe and titled on the back, and sealed wtih a satin finish. Gallery wire was installed on the back so that it is Ready to Hang. 

(c) Copyright Jeanne Fry  All Rights Reserved

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