Comfort in a Chaotic World - OOAK Miniature Spirit Doll - Book and a Cup of Joe

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"Comfort in a Chaotic World" is something I think we ALL need right now. This OOAK (original one of a kind) Spirit Doll is a miniature version of my typical Wisdom Keepers.  She is representative of what so many of us have learned to do in 2020....find our "happy place". She serves a reminder to take a time out when things start getting too chaotic. Her favorite is grabbing a good book,  a cup of joe, and escaping into her own universe. 

She is a miniature,  measuring 5 1/2 inches in height x 3 inches in width. Her face is an original sculpt of clay, painted with Acrylics,  and sealed with a matte finish. Her body is sewn from a piece of red batik and wrapped with layers and layers of ribbon and fibers in reds and orange. Two miniature soft cover books are slid into her wrapped ribbon. The books are 3/4 inch x 1/2 inch, are blank inside,  yet are real books. A Java charm and glass beads embellish her fiber wrapping. A small ribbon loop is sewn at the back of her shoulders giving an option to display her as an ornament. She comes in an orange organza pouch. 

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