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Breast Cancer Survivor Art Doll Figurative Sculpture with Mastectomy Tattoo Burlap and Linen

in: Art Dolls



This mixed media Figurative Sculpture is probably my most diverse piece of Art, and at the same time is one of the most meaningful. She is #1 in my new "Bravehearts" series. Her symbolism focuses on Breast Cancer Survival and her Mastectomy Tattoo. 
Her "neutral" state (in regards to her color palette of Beige and White) should not distract you from her mosaic of textures. 
"I'm Still Dancing" was created from Burlap, Clay, and Linen, along with supportive mediums. 

She stands 19 inches in height, spans 11 inches in width, and is 9 inches in depth. 
Her head, face, and torso are an Original Sculpt from Clay. Her hair was sculpted into an up-do, and is a rich honey blonde shade. Using Acrylics, her torso and face were painted a pale skin tone in the softest of a Cream shade. 
Her arms were hand stitched from muslin, stuffed with polyester filling, and attached to the torso in an outstretched form. 
From her hips downward a metal armature was created in a long skirt shape. Strips of burlap and glittered organza were draped around the armature and coated with a special medium that when dried, transformed the burlap just as hard and stiff as the clay. A thick sheet of felt encloses the bottom of the sculpture. 
The below "Letter to the Big C" comes with the Art Doll, printed on card stock, signed and dated.

A Letter to the Big C, 
"I'm still Dancing. Through it all, I'm still Dancing. 
You may take my strong threshold for pain, and you may take my ability to keep food down. Through it all, I learned to honor my pain and find ways to gently nurture and comfort my body
You may attack my immune warriors and make me feel as though I am waking roughly on a battle field. Through it all, I learned to be a guardian of my energy. retaining and spending it wisely. 
You may force me to spend too many days getting poked and prodded by doctors instead of enjoying the beautiful things in my life.Through it all, I learned the importance of surrounding myself with healthy relationships and enjoying each moment with them. 
Through it all, Big C, I made sure to level the playing field. I made sure you didn't take more than I was willing to lose. Through it all, for each thing that you took, I created a space for something special to reside. And while I now take back any power that I think you may have had....
I give myself permission to color my life a new kind of beautiful.
I'm still Living. I'm still Loving. And I'm still Dancing. 
Through it all."

"I'm Still Dancing" is Number One in my "Bravehearts" series.

(c) Copyright Jeanne Fry All Rights Reserved