My Bio

Welcome to Jeanne Fry Art. I am a Contemporary Folk and Visionary Artist from the Blue Ridge Mountains. My Passion is to Explore the Spirit of Art, and the Art of Spirit. I consider Art to be Healing, and create with Emotional and Spiritual Connection. Each piece carries meaningful symbolism for me. I place a high importance on Creating, as I use it as a healing vehicle for myself, as a Lupus Warrior and Amputee.

I create Art to Inspire and Empower, focusing on Nature themes, Goddess Art, Animal Totems, and Symbolic pieces that are Unique and Meaningful. I immerse in various artistic modalities including Original Paintings in acrylics and watercolors, Gourd Art, Sculpting, Mixed Media, and Assemblage. 

Jeanne Fry Gourd Artist

I believe that art can take us to places that allows our souls to heal. I choose not to paint my pain, but to paint the world in which my spirit can heal.

Jeanne Fry Art Folk Artist

Some people may wonder what a Visionary Artist is...A visionary artist is often a self taught artist who creates by connecting with and expressing through their most intuitive self in order to portray a wider awareness and perception of life itself. This is often done within a spiritual or mystical theme. For me, this way of creating is my passion. I believe that everything has a deeper meaning, a distinct symbolism, and often the smallest things carry the biggest message. I am urged to create every day, expressing my own journey in how I perceive the world and how I walk in it.

  • Touch Drawing Facilitator - Expressive Arts
  • Member of VSA- International Organization of Artists with Disabilities
  • Member of International Peace Tile Project
  • Teaching Residencies
  • Traditional Usui Reiki Master Teacher
  • Earth Angel Portraits and Readings