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Celebrating International Women's Day with a Goddess Art Sale

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Hello Beautiful Goddesses ! Happy International Women's Day ! (though truly I feel that I celebrate that EVERY day ) May you all have an EMPOWERED and FRUITFUL day! 

I am celebrating the day by having an Art Sale on my site, only for ONE day, beginning March 8th at 12:00noon until March 9th at 12:00 noon. The prices are marked down 25%. No coupon codes are needed, the discounts are already reflected. 

International Womens Day Art Sale

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Project: Save my Smile

Save My Smile Art Sale - Jeanne Fry ArtHello Friends !  If you have followed my Art for a bit, you know that as an Artist I love to create...that I am obsessed with creating. You may also know from reading my blogs that I use my Art as a vehicle for personal healing and balance. I have been an Amputee most of my life, since the age of 4. Now for the last 9 years I have had a new battle - with Lupus and the secondary conditions it invites. My Art has saved my Spirit on many many days. Now I hold faith that it can help me in another way.


An Artsy Flash Sale

Time for some FUN in my online shop - some of these sweet pieces are yearning for their forever home - I might even throw some extras in the package.I think we all need a little stress reliever from this way-too-long election process. It's almost over, and it will CERTAINLY make me happy too. 

You can use coupon code ARTSYFLASH at checkout to receive 40% off all orders over $25. Sale starts right Now and will end on Sunday evening (Nov 6th) at 9pm.

Anticipating Autumn, Good Vibes, and a Labor Day Art Sale

Here we are, the beginning of Labor Day Weekend, and the weather feels like Autumn ! Autumn is my most favorite time of the year. It's cool outside, the wind is blowing, and while I have all the windows open it makes my spirit want to start "nesting". Sometimes no matter what is going on, this feeling makes my heart sing and me a Happy Girl.