Project: Save my Smile

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Save My Smile Art Sale - Jeanne Fry ArtHello Friends !  If you have followed my Art for a bit, you know that as an Artist I love to create...that I am obsessed with creating. You may also know from reading my blogs that I use my Art as a vehicle for personal healing and balance. I have been an Amputee most of my life, since the age of 4. Now for the last 9 years I have had a new battle - with Lupus and the secondary conditions it invites. My Art has saved my Spirit on many many days. Now I hold faith that it can help me in another way.


I have been facing a  particularly difficult challenge over this last year. The Lupus, Sjogren's Disorder, and medications have attacked my mouth and teeth. I was advised by a Peridontist that it would be best for me to have Laser Surgery to begin halting and healing the damage. The laser surgery would be the least traumatic treatment in regards to my health. This treatment alone is $6000 , without any of the other treatments. This was advised 9 months ago and I have tried every avenue to be able to get this done. It is not covered by my insurance, and I can not get any Periodontist to work with me on payments, and no other type of dentist wants to try and tackle this trauma. I have inquired to every type of service that could possibly help - and to no avail. As the time has gone by, my mouth continues to deteriorate. I fear I will lose all of my teeth soon. I am uncomfortable every day, all day long. I can not take a normal "bite" of anything..having to cut up all of my food in small pieces and place in the side of my mouth.I avoid being out in public much because I am so self-conscious with all the symptoms I am enduring. And I worry of course, because mouth and dental problems can travel the body.

So.....I am going to attempt to be Creative now and  use my art to "Save my Smile". I am going to run some various Promotions and Exclusive Offerings to try and earn what I need. I will continue to update this Post with the stages of this project for reference.

(People have suggested that I create a GoFundMe, but I am NOT interested in that....I have seen that overused and abused. I make Art - and I should be able to sell my Art and take care of my health needs). 

If you would like to help me to Save my Smile, but can't collect a piece of Art at this time, it would be appreciated just as much if you could Share my art. Share Share Share would be a great blessing. 

I am starting off my efforts with an Art Sale which will run this week, while I am working on the next stage of the project. Hopefully this will give me a little jumpstart. 

My Art Sale will run from April 22nd - April 28th. The sale gives 40% Off by using coupon code SMILE40.  This offer is good on all of my Art listed on the site EXCEPT for (the Made to Order "Arrival" Spirit Doll)

Jeanne Fry Art - Save my Smile Project Art SaleThank you for Listening, Supporting, Collecting, and Sharing.